Family ministry is the church and the family partnering together to help lead children and students to follow Jesus. God gives parents the responsibility to teach their children to love and worship Him. It is our desire to partner with parents to enable them to be the primary disciple-makers within their homes.

We do this through equipping and training parents to parent their children and students in a way that honors God. We encourage families to worship together, play together and serve together.

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We believe that family is one of the most important aspects of life. That is why we are creating free events that families in our community can do together. Whether it is listening to stories, watching movies, playing games, eating together or just sitting around talking we are creating a space for you and your family to do that at Highland. Make sure to check out our Featured Events on our homepage for the latest informtion on upcoming events or feel free to contact the church office at (502)633-3516 or 


Talking to You Kids About Sex in a Tech-Driven World - Coming Soon

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For years, movies and sitcoms have presented a caricature of the sweaty-palmed, birds-and-bees conversation in which Dad stammers through a convoluted description of sex to a preadolescent child — who, it turns out, knows all of the details already. There is the tension most parents feel about discussing sex with their kids: "What if we tell him too much?" "Will this rob him of his innocence?" "What if he starts asking about what we do?" What isn't so funny is the reality that too many children learn about sex from everyone but their parents. The best place for a child to learn about sexuality is at home from those who care the mostThis study allows us to have an honest conversation with one another and with our kids about God's design for sex.

All of these conversations take place in a world of hyper-connectivity. The questions that children use to come to parents to ask are now easily searchable. Technology seems to be everywhere these days. The old Verizon commercial that asks the questions, "Can you hear me now?" makes it seem like there was once space in which we aren't looking at technology every minute of everyday. Those days seem long gone, but there is a way in which we can have a godly approach to technology in our home. During this small group we will talk about the where, the Why, the When and the How of dealing with raising our kids in a tech driven society.

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