Highland Baptist Church is…

A gathering of ordinary people who have encountered the extraordinary love of Jesus Christ and the transforming power of His gospel. We are still stunned by the good news that His mercy, forgiveness, joy, hope, wisdom, power, forever life and more have been freely given to us—and are available for everyone!

Jesus and His gospel are at the core of everything we are and everything we do. It’s steadily transforming our lives. None of us have this thing figured out, but we’re committed to helping people of every life stage grow as disciples of Jesus and live life as God designed it.

Jesus and His gospel bind a very diverse group of people into a loving faith-family. We are old and young, single and married, rich and poor, new parents, empty-nesters and grandparents, blue-collar and white-collar, employed and unemployed, long-time Christians and not-quite-sure faith-explorers, Cards & Kats fans, a little bit county , a little bit rock… and even a teensy slice of rap. In other words, there’s somebody here like you!

Jesus and His gospel propels us to love all people in our world and serve their everyday needs. We’re jumping into the stuff of life in our neighborhoods, schools, ball fields, golf courses and workplaces. At the same time, we’re also going where Jesus goes among the poor and broken of our community, and where people don’t yet know Him among the nations of the world.