What should I wear?

Some who attend are comfortable in casual attire (in the summer, you’ll see lots of shorts) while others are more comfortable with more traditional clothing (coats and ties or dresses).  Please feel free to come “as you are.”

I have children do you have childcare during services?

Children younger than age 3 will receive care during the Sunday School hour in our Nursery and Toddler room. Nursery and Toddler care is also provided during our 10:30AM Worship service. Parents who utilize the Nursery/Toddler care service are provided a pager so that nursery workers can contact them if a need arises with their child.

What denomination is Highland Baptist?

Our church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest association of Christian churches in Kentucky. One out of every 10 churches in America is affiliated with the SBC (40,000 churches and 15 million members).

How can I join?

People are received for membership in the Highland Baptist Church as follows:

  1. Upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ, for baptism;
  2. By transfer of membership from some other Baptist congregation;
  3. By statement:
    1. From a Baptist church where membership records are lost.
    2. From a church of another denomination, if the person had previously been a member of a Baptist church.
    3. From a church of another denomination where they had been baptized by immersion following their profession of faith.
    4. Upon reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ coming for baptism from a church of another denomination where they had not been baptized by immersion.